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About Lauren S. Cardon

Lauren S. Cardon is an Associate Professor of English at the University of Alabama, with a PhD from Tulane University. She has authored three academic monographs on American literature, most recently Fashioning Character: Style, Performance, and Identity in Contemporary American Literature with UVA Press. She also specializes in DEI pedagogy and recently co-authored Inclusive College Classrooms: Teaching Methods for Diverse Learners, published by Routledge. In addition, she has published pedagogical articles in Change: The Magazine for Higher Learning and the collection Quick Hits: Teaching with Digital Humanities (University of Indiana Press).

Dr. Cardon has taught at the college level for over 18 years, received multiple grants for digital humanities initiatives, and been awarded two prestigious teaching fellowships: a Learning in Action Fellowship and a three-year Distinguished Teaching Fellowship with Technology at the University of Alabama. She has also been a keynote speaker on DEI and digital humanities pedagogy and has led inclusive pedagogy workshops at multiple academic institutions. 

Please see below for recent talks, interviews, and workshops.

My latest projects

Recent Talks, Interviews, and Workshops

DEI Pedagogy Presentations & Workshops

  • Lauren S. Cardon & Cassander L. Smith, “'Is This Offensive?' Tense Moments and Traumatic Content in the Age of Call-out Culture," Preconference workshop, Teaching Professor, New Orleans, LA, June 2023 

  • Lauren S. Cardon, "What are we testing? Rethinking assessment for access and inclusion,” Round table session, SAMLA, Jacksonville, FL, November 2022 

  • Lauren S. Cardon, "Planning an Inclusive Lecture," Virtual talk, National Humanities Center Summer Residency, July 2022

  • Lauren S. Cardon & Cassander L. Smith, “Building an Inclusive Future: The Stakes of DEI Initiatives in Higher Education,” Spring Convocation, College of the Sequoias, Visalia, CA (Virtual), January 2022

  • Lauren S. Cardon & Cassander L. Smith, “‘What could I possibly say?’ Addressing Racist Dialogue in the Classroom” (Conference Presentation and Workshop), Leadership in Higher Education Conference, Baltimore, MD, October 2021

  • Lauren S. Cardon, "Striving Toward Inclusion: Rethinking the Classroom Experience" (Keynote), REFRESH Event at LSU, Baton Rouge, LA, August 2021

  • Lauren S. Cardon, “Pedagogical Values and Adaptable Practice” (Virtual Presentation), National Humanities Center Winter Residency, December 2020

  • Lauren S. Cardon, “Backward Design/Forward Assessment” and “Lesson Planning for Building Community” (Virtual Workshop Series), Building Connections Course (Re)Design Program, College of Wooster, OH, June-July 2020

American Literature Presentations & Interviews

  • Lauren S. Cardon, “‘The species won’t last long’: Pristine Wilderness Fantasy in The Overstory and The Southern Reach Trilogy.” Presenter/Panelist, SAMLA Conference; Jacksonville, FL. November 2022

  • Lauren S. Cardon, Personal Interview on Fashioning Character, Life Elsewhere Podcast, April 2022

  • Lauren S. Cardon, Personal Interview on Fashioning Character, History of Literature Podcast, March 2022

  • Lauren S. Cardon, “Revising Ableist Discourses: Octavia Butler’s Environmentalism in Parable of the Sower.” Presenter/Panelist, MELUS Conference; New Orleans, LA. March 2022

  • Lauren S. Cardon, Personal Interview and Feature on Fashioning CharacterThe Metropolitan, January 2022  |  205-614-8372

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