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Lauren S. Cardon

Associate Professor

of English,

University of Alabama

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American Literature Scholarship

Fashioning Character: Style, Performance, and Identity in Contemporary American Literature

University of Virginia Press, 2021

Tracing an American trajectory in fashion, Cardon shows how we become what we wear. Over the 20th century, the American fashion industry diverged from its roots in Paris, expanding and attempting to reach as many consumers as possible. Fashion became a tool for social mobility. During the late twentieth century, the fashion industry offered something even more valuable to its consumers: the opportunity to explore and perform.


Website & Blog, with Cassander L. Smith

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DEI Teaching Strategies

Check out Teaching Interventions, my website and blog collaboration with Cassander L. Smith.

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Attitudes about race, impacted by our current political environment, have produced pedagogical challenges for professors in the humanities who teach subjects that involve discussions of racial difference. Through the Teaching Interventions website, Dr. Smith and I aim to help teacher-scholars discuss race and other charged topics in the college classroom.

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